miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

the city that doesn't sleep

Last week I was in New York. I hadn't been before and it's awesome. It's like totally different to anything you've ever seen. All the people, the shops, the building, the museums, the rivers, the cabs...
I really love it. And the best of all was that when Martina, Anna and me were in Times Square, two women from ''Footwear Plus Magazine'' took us some pictures, and made us some questions bout fashion and shoes. It was really cool!

Now I'm back in Barcelona. And on the way back home I bought lots of magazines in the US and in France, and I really liked Rodarte's fall collection, it's the only one that its not all black, and it has like a magic style from a fairy tale.

jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

stripes and stars

Martina, me and the white house

Glasses, me and Baltmiore's skyline

Airville sunset

Dancing on the driveway!

Here I am, in Jarrettsville, a village in the middle of somewhere in Maryland.

Everything it's hudge here and thats makes you feel small, but I like it!

I've been here for three weeks but it seems only five days. I've been in Washington DC, Baltimore, Lancaster, York, You (or however it's spelled), and other cities from Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Tomorrow I'll go to NYC, i think it's going to rain (bad news!), but it doesn't matter!
Here people doesn't care very much bout fashion, I mean, everybody wears sport clothes for going to anyplace, and people look me strange for wearing high waisted shorts and skirts, bow on my hair, or leather shoes in stead of flip flops. But I love it!