miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Weird party

Hey there! I'm sorry I'm not posting as usually as I used to but I've been a bit busy these days.
I wanna show you some pictures that my friends and me took this Sunday. We helped Anna and Oriol in a project for school. We had to represent a very strange party, and so we did it. We just had to dress and look weird, play weird and took cool pics.
Hope you like them!
Adrià and Martina as guests arriving

Xavi, Oriol, Martina and me as chillers.
Joana, Oriol and me as trapped people.

Anna and Oriol as organizers.
me as a peeing girl.
Joana, Oriol, Sergi and me as dead people on the sofa.
Adrià and Martina as those who take a shower with christmas lights, and survive!
Anna, Oriol and Martina as those who stand at the corridor.
Anna and Martina as... who knows!
Sergi as drunken boy and Martina as busy girl.
everybody, and a manikin's leg


lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011


This Friday was Carnival at school so we all dress up with our costumes and go out to celebrate it. It was so funny cause it was like a talent show where everybody goes to show their abilities, and as always there were very cool things, and other ones no so cool, but we had a lot of fun.
My friends from the class and me were costumed as nymphs (we actually choose this costume to make the literature professor happy... hahahaha).
We made skirts with colour papers and stick some leaves. Then we made beautiful braids, everyone of us was wearing a cool hairdo! (except for me cause I wasn't wearing any hairdo) And then we put a crown of leaves in our heads. Hope you like our invention!
Marina and me doing braids and hairdos at class
Annia's braids
Watching the costume's catwalk. Yes I was in first raw! hahahahaha
my favourite girls!
the most beautiful nymphs in the world
Martina and Marina
and Maria