jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Denim skirt for summer and winter

This summer I bought a denim skirt very similar to this one from topshop, on sales for 5,99€. But there's a problem I haven't found the perfect way to wear it. And I've just seen in thopshop's web how they fit it with this shirt and boots. I like it!
Do you have any other suggestion about how to wear it?

click on the image to enlarge it

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010


My grandma has this bag, the Constance by Hermès in brown leather. It's the most amazing bag I've ever seen and I fell in love with it a few years ago. She says she will give it to me, but is the only one that she uses so I'll have to wait. Don't you think that the one from Céline is very similar?
I really love it, is awesome cause you can wear it with everything!

Céline's similar bag

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010


(click on the pictures so you can see it bigger and clearly)

1. I wanna have enough time for playing and studying piano, school is too busy and I don't have enough time, it's stressful.
2. I wanna have a trampolin in my house! I fell in love this summer with the one ''my american'' family had, don't know why is not as usual as in USA (here in Spain).
3. I wanna watch all Star War's movies in one day, and make a super marathon. It sounds freak and I love it!
4. I wanna have my closet full of winter clothes. So full that I can't even buy anything more.
5. I wanna wear weird dresses and be on magazine's covers for it.
6. I wanna learn to put a washing machine.
7. I wanna wear all kind of tights and socks, can't wait for cold!
8. I wanna change my hair, the colour, the hairdo, the haircut. But I'm just too lazy now to think about it. I'd love to have hundreds of colors!
9. I wanna buy Vampire Weekend's tickets for their gig in Barcelona before they sold out


martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010


NYLON magazine is my favorite magazine. I discover it last month in Washington DC, and when I saw it, I fell in love.
It's about fashion, music, TV, cinema and culture in general.
This september issue it's the TV issue, so they talk about new TV series and interview lots of actors and actresses.
Interview to Jessica Schorz. This is my favorite outfit of the ones she's wearing in this interview. This Celine's jacket is so funny!

Love the colors of this picture, and the coats are awesome.
Love these christian louboutin shoes!!
This is the most stylish man in L.A. He's wearing a skirt! I think this is the future of men's fahion hahah
And finally my favorite part: Cory's Corner. In these page Cory explains her adventure in a 99 cents store, where it seems she's never been before. She creates two outfits by $10, with a pillowcase and a plaid tablecloth.

Today has been my first day in my new school. It's been so weird to see all new faces. But luckily I knew a few people from my class, I met them in a party on Saturday, so I've already made friends :)
I'm missing some people from the other school, but not missing the other school! haha
I gotta feeling this year will be ok.

Have fun xxx