domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

waiting for holiday

This week's been awful. I had 6 exams in a row in 5 days. And they aren't over yet. Tomorrow I have spanish literature and Italian grammar.
So that's why I haven't been quite in...

That's what I did on Monday when I was fed up of studying. I picked some old pictures and made this video. Hope you like it :)

This pictures were token in Ciutadella's park, last easter with Anna and Helena.


domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Vampire Weekend

Yesterday I went with some friends to see Vampire weekend in live!
We were at first row, and believe me they are incredible at live! Their music, his voice, their movements and dances, and everything was amazing! But unluckyly Ezra Koenig (the voice) was feeling bad or something, so he couldn't continue singing, and they didn't even sing horchata.
Anyway, here you have some pictures.
Before Vampire Weekend, Jenny and Johnny played some songs from their album.
we were so close!
Daniela and Anna yelling!
Ari, Marta and me between the crowd


martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

I want Lanvin not flowers!

Everybody is talking about it. Lanvin's collection for H&M is on the net now. What do you think about this collection? I love it, and every dress it's like perfect for new year's eve, it's so glamorous. I'm sure you've watched the video, but if you haven't yet watch it now!

Love how paranoiac it is!

This skirt, these sunglasses and this dress are on my wishlist now. Don't you think they are amazing? The sunglasses are my favourites!

Every pair of shoes from this collection is awesome!
I'll be drawing hearts till the 23rd