miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

White Sky

This weekend I went with Bianca and Cris to take some pictures! It was such a gloomy day, but it doesn't matter. It's fall and it's not sunny always, you know? So we decided to go out even if it was raining, snowing or whatever!
Hope you like the pictures. How was your weekend?

miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Fish Braid

This summer I learned how to do a fish braid (thanks to youtube). And since I learnt how to do it I can't stop wearing them. They are perfect, cause they are not like all braids (I was so bored of them), and they stay more time without getting messy!
Here you are some pictures from today.
I have done the braid in the laboratory of chemistry this morning, hope you like it!!

Fall is definitively here, these days have been much cooler. Every morning when I go out from my house everything seems like iced and my face gets iced too!

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

best gig ever

As most of you know, last friday night I went to see Mystery Jets with some friends. We were waiting to open doors and suddenly they appeared. We took some photos with them. And then in the gig they were amazing. The place was so small that you could touch them (we actually did that), and in the place we barely were a hundred people!
They were awesome playing we were all dancing all the time. And some girls next to me throw them some pink knickers and they used them as complements like a hat or a necklace! hahah
They were wearing a stamped shirts with skinny pants and oxford shoes. Some of them were wearing a blazer. I loved their style! I've been watching some videos in youtube and they always wear stamped shirts, I think they have the biggest stamped shirts collection in the world!
I can't wait to see them back again!

I recorded this video. See how close we were!
Check out what is Blain Harrison wearing at the back!
With Kapil, the drummer.

Can't wait to see them back. My only consolation is that in a month vampire weekend will ve here!


domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

Pola's evening

Yesterday I went with Anna and Neus to take some photos. I took my fisheye, Anna her LC-A+, and Neus her holga and her father's polaroid. It was too awesome cause we went to buy a film for her polaroid, and when we started taking instant pictures we couldn't stop!
It's amazing how exciting is waiting to see how the picture will get reveal!
Unfortunately these are the only pictures we can see for now, cause the other flims aren't finished yet, and this was the only instant camera we had!
this one from above is my favorite!

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

mystery jets

The 15th of October, Mystery jets are coming to Barcelona, and of course I'm going to their gig! It will be awesome, cause they play in a small place, and the tickets aren't sold out yet, so there may not be too much people.
Their songs are like something you need to shout sooner o later, and when you sing them it's like relaxing though they aren't slow! Love Alice Springs, because its lyrics, its music and it makes me feel that fall is commig though it has nothing to do with the song! hahaha

They used to be five, but the guy with the white hair doesn't play anymore, he's the father of one of them. Can you imagine it? Nobody has a cooler father!

hope you like it :)