viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

see the sunrise

Last week I went with Anna to see the sunrise. We woke up at 5.30am after sleep two hours. The light was wonderful so we took some pictures. When the sun was completly up we went to eat some croissants, they were delicious! then we went back to sleep!

here comes the sun

Sant Feliu beach

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  1. oh my gosh these pictures are amazing; kudos to the photographer!! :)<3

  2. me enctaan las fotos transmiten mucha tranquilidad. un beso que andes bien

  3. mmmm.... Your blog is full of my photos Viki!
    What's happening?!?!?!
    Hurray for st.feliu!

  4. i love your blog! you have some really cool pictures on here, and i'm quite jealous that you have a diana camera... I'll follow you too :) thanks for following me
    ps i know you are following me but did you follow me with google connect? because i cant see you in my followers box..its not a big deal, it just happens a lot and i wonder if it happens to you?
    wow...sweet how this comment turned into a paragraph -__- aha

  5. Gorgeous pictures of the sunset. Love them!!:)SarahD

  6. The best kind of day!
    Lovely blog.
    Following, of course!

  7. Wow these are incredible pictures!

    -Shoeless Simone

  8. I love the photos !! The light and the colours are amazing !

  9. Okay i'm not going to say
    i love this photos, because then your humos will grow! haha joking
    I really like your blog!!! look at mine! love you

  10. I love these pictures
    They're really amazing