martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010


(click on the pictures so you can see it bigger and clearly)

1. I wanna have enough time for playing and studying piano, school is too busy and I don't have enough time, it's stressful.
2. I wanna have a trampolin in my house! I fell in love this summer with the one ''my american'' family had, don't know why is not as usual as in USA (here in Spain).
3. I wanna watch all Star War's movies in one day, and make a super marathon. It sounds freak and I love it!
4. I wanna have my closet full of winter clothes. So full that I can't even buy anything more.
5. I wanna wear weird dresses and be on magazine's covers for it.
6. I wanna learn to put a washing machine.
7. I wanna wear all kind of tights and socks, can't wait for cold!
8. I wanna change my hair, the colour, the hairdo, the haircut. But I'm just too lazy now to think about it. I'd love to have hundreds of colors!
9. I wanna buy Vampire Weekend's tickets for their gig in Barcelona before they sold out


25 comentarios:

  1. Me encantaria vivir donde vos vivis y ver Vampire Weekend. Lastima que empieza el invierno alla, aca recien el verano.. aunque la nueva ropa de invierno es genial.

  2. I love every single thing on this list, honeybee. Except for the star wars thing.. I've never seen them and have no desire to!

    Vampire Weekend... sigh. :)

    I hope you're having a wonderful week so far. Is it just me, or has this week gone by awfully fast? :)

  3. I agree with everything you've said
    I would like to wear winter clothes too,
    and I want to watch Star War's movies ahahah it sounds so freak


  4. ya ves aprendre a posar la rentadora! que divertit! hahaha i jo et recomano que en comptes de comprar-te un trampoli d'aquets et construeixis el tobogan aquell, seria massa guai! VW!!!!!! :)

  5. A trampoline in the house? What an amazing idea!

    -Shoeless Simone

  6. Agree with some of your wants! I want a closet full of winter clothes, also! :)sarahD

  7. OMG you love Vampire Weekend too?high five!
    i hope you get to see the concert. and if you do, tell them to come to the Philippines. :D

  8. yess love the hair with pastel in it, great image


  9. everything here sound really fun!!
    you seem like a totally fun person :)

  10. tus frases son los mas te juro, de donde las sacas? o las inventas vos? muy buenas la verdad
    un beso

  11. woaaah, I also wanna do strange things!

    pero el batx, no ens deixa :S

  12. Me encantó este post... es mi primera vez por aquí pero obviamente estar de vuelta porque tenes un blog genial!

  13. Ahhh it's one of my dreams to experience winter, which is something we don't get here in the Philippines. Haha. And go get Vampire Weekend tickets! I love them and I hope & pray that they'll visit here, too! :) Great blog!

  14. Probablement jo també aniré a veure a The Drums jaj :D

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  16. Hey, where are you?
    thanks so much for your comments
    you're so sweet


  17. me ha encantado lo del trampolin jejej saludos

  18. i agree, i'm looking forward to more winter clothes and lots of tights and knee highs! xxx

  19. Wishlists... it'll never stop growing huh. I've thousand and one wishes on mine.


  20. vampire weekend, [: totally with you on that one.

    im a new follower :D

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop