domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

best gig ever

As most of you know, last friday night I went to see Mystery Jets with some friends. We were waiting to open doors and suddenly they appeared. We took some photos with them. And then in the gig they were amazing. The place was so small that you could touch them (we actually did that), and in the place we barely were a hundred people!
They were awesome playing we were all dancing all the time. And some girls next to me throw them some pink knickers and they used them as complements like a hat or a necklace! hahah
They were wearing a stamped shirts with skinny pants and oxford shoes. Some of them were wearing a blazer. I loved their style! I've been watching some videos in youtube and they always wear stamped shirts, I think they have the biggest stamped shirts collection in the world!
I can't wait to see them back again!

I recorded this video. See how close we were!
Check out what is Blain Harrison wearing at the back!
With Kapil, the drummer.

Can't wait to see them back. My only consolation is that in a month vampire weekend will ve here!


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  1. Oh Thanx for your comment ! :)
    i love your pics , so rock !

  2. Adore it! hahaha
    Preciosa com sempre (puta.. grrr)
    VAig a dinar que son les 4h.

  3. Oh lucky girl. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Great pictures! Looked like loads of fun. :)SArahD

  5. haha lol at the guy wearing the knickers. :D wow, the Mystery Jets sound like very fun people. i will be listening to their music now. and it's so cool you got to take pics with them.

  6. perdona que te conteste tan tarde, esque he tenido el blog un poco abandonado y acabo de ver tu comentario!
    pues soy de Palma de Mallorca.
    gracias por pasarte por mi blog :)

  7. me encantaaa el video por dios!, un beso divina

  8. Who are you talking about, there's no beautiful girl in that pic! :P.........

    Ya se que aun no te habia comentado en este post, pero esq la envidia me lo impedia, jojooo!

  9. looks like tons of fun!

    stop by sometime<3

  10. que envidia jajaja
    Un beso guapa

  11. muchísimas gracias :)
    qué chulas las fotos, no conocía ese grupo

  12. Me encantan las fotos son tan divertidas! Se nota que te lo pasaste genial! muaa!

  13. oh, vampire weekend? no me jodas, yo tambien quiero!(:

  14. Hey, you look gorgeous
    and I don't know the band, but I really like that song
    you were so lucky, you were so close to them!
    hope you had a great time